Club Rafiki...



By evecoles1, Aug 1 2018 09:25PM

Back to the site to continue building the fence...we carried the posts to the site...waited rather a long time for the cement & ballast to arrive ... and even longer for the sand! We also had water delivered....and so the cement making began. Each post was placed into the hole and then filled with cement. We managed to complete a whole side before leaving for home.

By evecoles1, Aug 1 2018 06:53AM

A much filled fun day with the children. They loved sitting on Duncan's shoulders and also thrown into the air...their faces were delightful. A crazy football game was being played....

Hair braiding (they are fascinated with our hair)....taking pics & posing for photos....chatting....

By evecoles1, Jul 30 2018 06:42PM

Today we went to the new school site and worked extremely hard under the hot african sun. We survived on last night's chapati's with jam and water. We dug holes for the fencing. Finally called it a day as the team became extremely hot and we started to run out of water.

By evecoles1, Jul 30 2018 05:11PM

Yesterday we visited Kangaita village which took about an hour to walk - this is the same walk that the children do daily when at school. Crossing the bridge over the river, we headed firstly for Mary's house. Mary's mother saved for 8 months to get a light bulb so that her children could do their homework. She was very excited having visitors and we were all invited to enter her home...this is just one room with a further one for a bedroom. We then headed to Nancy's home meeting her parents and sister. I have known Nancy for eight years now and she is now twelve years. Walking around the village reminds you of the Middle Ages with wattle & daub buildings...goats nibbling at the sparse grass and children off to the river for water. We passed by the quarry where many of the families work each day though today was Sunday and many would be attending church.

By evecoles1, Jul 28 2018 03:42PM

A very exciting day for Club Rafiki as we made our first visit to the land purchased to build a new school for the children of Nanyuki. It lays just south of the equator, two kilometres from Ol Pejeta. A bit of a bumpy ride to the site which is situated in the beautiful, open countryside looking towards Mount Kenya. Perimeter fence needs to be built first so the team assisted by carrying the posts and tools ....digging holes and generally getting stuck in...until the heavens suddenly opened drenching everyone. The storm raged for a while so returned home for a cup of Kenyan tea.

By evecoles1, Jul 27 2018 05:49PM

The team spent the day meeting with the children, who performed for us with much singing and dancing. They love having their photo taken and of course seeing pictures of themselves....

Alex was busy entertaining the children by being the wicked witch of he west (from his recent Wizard of Oz production).

By evecoles1, Jul 27 2018 05:37PM

After a quick visit to the giraffe centre in Nairobi the team took the long journey to Nanyuki by matatu.

Everyone soon settled into their new 'homes' for a supper of rice, lentils, cabbage and avocado salad.