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Buy any of the following:

£3 could feed a child for one week

£3 could buy a text book

£8 could buy a pair of shoes

£14 could buy a school uniform

£14 could pay for a child's school fees for 1 month

£2 could buy exercise books

Payments can be made through the Club Rafiki's Virgin Money Giving page.  If you're a tax payer this site allows you to increase your donation by 25% through Gift Aid.


Simply click on the button below and then Make a donation.  In the box 'I'd like to leave a message' please write your purchase enabling us to spend as you requested.

CHEQUES: Made payable to Club Rafiki can be sent to 15 Katescroft, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL7 4DR



Educate a Child

£3.50 educates a child for one week

£14 educates a child for one month

For further information on sponsoring a child please click

on the icon




Feed a Child

£3.00 feeds a child for one week


Dress a Child

£8 puts a pair of shoes on a child's feet

£12 buys a school uniform for a child


Support a Child

£2 can buy exercise books

£3 can buy a school text book


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