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Club Rafiki's education programme was set up to assist children in poverty to be able to attend school.  


By sponsoring a child you will give them a better chance of a better future.


Just £3.50 per week will send a child to school.  


You will receive a picture of your child and updates on their education.


Please click on the link below to download further information and to sponsor a child.

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This is Dennis, 8 years old from Class 3 and he has a sister in class 1.  Dennis is particularly good at Math but he is also above average in other subjects.  Like most boys in the school, he loves football.  He is a bit shy but always has a ready smile.  He is very protective towards his sister.


They live with their dad (their mum walked out on them) who recently had an accident whereby he injured his arm.  They depend on their neighbours for food.

P1080281 P1080282

This is James from the Nursery Class at Nanyuki Prep School.