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The Toto Care Support Group are a registered community based organisation based in Central Kenya who work with school age orphans and vulnerable children and their families.


Toto Care's work includes:

Providing food for the children in their programmes, who are often suffering from malnutrition.  They provide food through a school feeding programme (which Jalia supports) and sometimes subsidize guardians to cater for the evening meal.


Provision of primary education at the Nanyuki Preparatory School (which Club Rafiki supports)


Provision of school uniforms and other clothing (which Club Rafiki supports)


Provision of shelter and care needs in extreme cases.  As much as possible they encourage the children to stay with their guardians, but there are instances where this proves to be impossible.


Referring children to health professionals.


Applications for bursaries and other donars to cater for secondary education fees.


Meetings and skills sharing for parents and guardians of low income to learn crafts such as bead making and crochet to help them support their families and ensure that the parents are not endangering themselves by pursuing income from activities which put them in danger.


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